Limitation on Select Item


I encounter a strange situation that the Select Item activity works perfectly on its own to select “China” on the combo box of a web application. But when it was added back to the Invoke Workflow File activity of the Main workflow, it just cannot select anything with no error message.

Under the sub-workflow, other UI activities like Click, Type Into work fine (I should have passed the right “Browser” property argument to the sub workflow). I have tried to add the Click activity just before the Select Item activity, the Click activity can click on the combo box, but still the Select Item activity selects nothing.

I tried to use Type Into with the value “China”, but the combo box shows different countries when different character was entered (C…country starting with “C”; h…country starting with “H”; i…country starting with “I”, etc.)

Since a pop up window follows after the combo box, asking the user to acknowledge the action before the combo box confirm the selection, I have to use Parallel activity to click on the pop up window (again it works perfectly on its own). Seems that Select Item activity is the better choice .

Is there any advice on this ?


Hello, @Snowman,
You probably have an error with your selector/target.
Have you tried editing the selector when the page is open, opening the UI Explorer and Validating the target?
Also, sometimes the target is “simplified” when inside a context, such as Attach Browser or Attach Window. One reason why works in one place and not the other could be this difference.



  • Might be selector issue with select item activity, try with uiexplorer and selector tree in top right corner and select the selector which has select attribute for the uielement and check if that helps else please attach the selector, we can look into it.
    -Try to use click on combo box and then click image to click on “China” image that appears on the screenm this will click on the required image that you want to select.

Let us know if these helps,
Pavan H

Dear both,

Thanks for your advice, and apparently the selectors from the two workflows are the same (as attached). I have also captured the screen of the combo box selector. Is there a way to directly specify the country (eg. China ) from the selector.