How to select date from website calendar

Hi Guys,
I need help in selecting previous date form website calendar with the following condition.
1). If it is saturday and sunday it should select my previous date as Friday
2). if i’m in starting of month like January 1st , i need to select my previous day as december 31st so that time i need to change month and year as well. how do i select ?
3). if i’m in 06th december , if i do AddDays(-20) it should select 16th november i.e, it should go to previous month and select the date as 16th

Hi @Kumar_J_P,
It’s all about selectors and proper IF statement. But here we have many unknown details. It all depends if selectors from the website can be used to get innerText from them. Then this should be kept by variable and you need to do some statements which will calculate it. It’s not that easy for someone to do whole stuff for you but maybe if you will show here which website and how selectors are looking like then someone could direct you how it can be done :slight_smile: