Day selection from calendar(no input fields, need to click to select date)

Hi guys. I need some help regarding the date selection on a calendar. I am using the aaname variable and everything works ok, but my problem is that on the calendar a few days of the previous month are display eg. lets says we’re talking about june (may(28, 29, 30, 31) are displayed and then june(1, 2, 3…) So lets say i want to select 28th of June, the program instead selects the first number 28th it sees, and that in this case is May 28th instead of June 28th. Anybody have an idea how to have him not select the first number 28 it encounters, but select the second one it encounters(the proper one)? Thank you in advance.

Hey @felisleo09,

Can you show me what selector you’re using?
I have the attributes aaname,parentid,tag,parentclass and it works fine for me!

Hey, never mind, I was able to resolve the issue. :slight_smile: Originally the part of the selector for the date was “, but i just now realized there was an additional variable i could add called idx, which has a value of 2 for even months and 1 for odd months, and adding it to the selector with aaname depending if it is an odd or even month selects the proper date. ”

Yes, thats another way of doing it! :slight_smile:

Hello. Do you mind sharing your workflow for this? I’ve been stalled on this date selection for days now.