Date Selection problem In calender

I want to select previous date from the calendar. i converted dynamic in aaname field but it selects previous months date.
Ex-Today is 29.05.2021 i want to click on 28.05.2021.but it clicks on 28.04.2021 .
N.B- it only happens for 25,26,27,28,29,30 date because
these dates are present at the top. how can i solve this?

Hi @arj

Can you send the Uiexplorer screenshots for both dates i.e., faded out date and the actual date.


Please share the selector screenshot

Chethan P

@veerlapativenkatesh @copy_writes
For yesterdays(28) date–>

for previous months 28–>

i observe that the webctrl id changes accordingly–>
1. Yesterdays date(28) comes in Fourth (4) Row and Fifth(5)column no .Count starts from 0.
So the webctrl id='celdate_day_4_5
2..Previos months 28 comes in First row(0) and Third(count starts from 0) column (3).so the webctrl id comes in celdate_day_0_3

Hi @arj,

I am not sure how the system you are interacting works and the selectors behaviour. But have you tried sending the required formatted DateTime with Type Into activity or even better is to use Set Web Attribute activity?

This way you would not need to worry about selectors for individual dates or months or year.
That text box right above looks to be related to the calendar.

@arj select the tablecol field and pass day number of yesterday’s date using
int day = (int)DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek;


@veerlapativenkatesh @copy_writes @jeevith
There is no option to type in date, so can only select from calendar.
Issue appears when some days appear twice so the selector cannot distinguish between the two dates.
in this picture-25,26,27,28,29,30 appears twice

Hi @arj,

In that case you can have a logic which can check for faded (inactive) dates either in the selector itself or using the element attribute in an if condition.

You can do this by going to UiExplorer and checking the element attributes. There will be one attribute (I cant say which one exactly, it depends on the website) which will tell you if the date element is an active element or inactive element.

You can then click on date element only if it is active. For example: The robot can only click on element 25 if it is active.


For these dates Use Indicate Anchor in Uiexplorer and spy the (inputdate-7)th date i.e., for date 25, 18 should be the anchor.


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ok.i will try it