How to select an item from the menu that appears after mouse hover?

Hi, there,

May I know which activity (apart from Hover) shall be used to select an item from a menu that only appears after mouse hover (instead of click)?

Thank you in advance. :pray::pray:

hi @GhostBuster

You can use the select item to pick from the menu item’s

Hi, @Shubham_Varshney, thank you for your reply.

The problem is the menu disappears when the mouse moves away from that particular area when I want to add activities in the studio.

Ahh I have encounter this earlier, for that I used the following way

  1. Click on the drop down
  2. Then used click image, grabbed what I need to grab and soo on!!!

If any one has an alternative, please do let me know :slight_smile:

It works.
Thank you @Shubham_Varshney.

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  1. Start selecting element
  2. Press “F2”
    3.Hover Mouse
  3. click on appropriate menu list item.
    You will get the selector.

Hi Atrimal, could you please elaborate a bit more?


  1. Click on “select Element” Icon in activity.
  2. Press “F2” to freeze selecting element for some seconds of timespan (mouse cursor normal mode).
  3. Within the timespan activate if required and then hover the mouse to dropdown the menu.
  4. Wait for timespan to complete and seen the blue mouse icon (mouse cursor element selecting mode).
  5. Click on appropriate menu list item.
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Use Click Element activity for above