How to click on each specific Check Box on the page

my job is to enter a web page, and on every “action” checkbox present, double click is to select a menu.


The number of check boxes is variable.
It could be one, or more than one.
The actions to be performed after the click are the same for each checkbox.
Click on Accept, then select an item, enter a “string” notification in the cell on the right.
image , image

How can I create this loop?

Hi @AaronMark,

I rephrase what you meant for my understanding. Please help clarify if this is correct.

There is a green tick beside the drop-down list (Accept), The drop-down list has many values where (Accept) is one of them. Beside the drop-down list (Accept), there is a single-selection or multiple-selection list. The number green tick besides the drop-down list (Accept) may varies - meaning could be one, or more than one.

This is the whole page.
To consider that for this PO Number, there is only one PO_Line,
therefore, only one “action”

If the project had other PO Lines,
after the total, at the bottom, the same “pattern” would repeat itself,
clearly “PO LIne 2” … and another action button, to accept or decline the amount that the supplier exposes.

As said before, fortunately the actions are one for all the buttons.
If I have to refuse the PO Number the actions will be the same on all the action buttons.

Given this, by default, yes, there is a green tick on Accept, but,
but after the click, the choice menu appears.
After the checks made in the previous part of the Flowchart, I clearly have to select Accept or Discard.
After click, if i discart, i see this,
but I think it’s an irrelevant detail.

After doing this on all checkboxes,
clearly I have to finalize the operation with a single click to save the change,at the end of the page.


Hi @AaronMark,

Please click the UI Explorer in UiPath Studio.

Indicate Element and select the PO Number (blue box)

Click the last/bottom selector tag (number 1), move the slider (number 2) to left to show more (number 3). Image shown is for example only.

Reason: If the selector attributes/values contains a number, we can automate using Element Exists/Get Text activities to create a loop.