Click on multiple buttons in browser

I am a newbee. I want to create a bot that will click on all the send request buttons in the browser page. I have read some answers suggesting to use foreach activity, I have tried that, I am having trouble in selecting the ui components, every time I select and run, it says selector not found. I have also tried Using uiExplorer.
Please help me with the issue, thanks

Hi @Hamza_Ijaz,

Use Find Children activity to get all the buttons.
using for each loop through it.

Refer this post


thanks for the reply, should I add find child activity inside foreach activity? and how to populate the array with buttons?

@Hamza_Ijaz, based on your process you need to you.

Find children activity is return the all the element in the page(like if suppose we have 5 button in a div we can get 5 elements).


Uploading…like this?