Click one of 2 button (know the exist one and click it )


I got 2 buttons only 1 could appear so how to tell the program to click the one that’ll appear


2 ways:

  1. Element Exists Acivity (not sure if Uipath even recognizes non visible Button because of selector) and click on the one which is True.

  2. Get Attribute Activity for two buttons using “visiblity” attribute and click on the one which is visible


it’s the (like button ) in facebook,and you could say that I got 2 version or 2 different looks of it and each one will appear in different web page,here I want to tell the program to click any of them,obviously the one which appears


If it’s a totally different web page go with element exists else go with get attribute activity and pass “visibility” attribute to get the value.


I am also trying to identify dynamic text from excel (say name) using element exists. It identifies it however how do i get the flow to click on the found element. Please share your expertise