How to search the UI block which contains specific text and press button on it?

I have a page with different blocks, and each contains the same buttons.
Also I have a variable with string name of some block (e.g. Ingenico Desk 5000 on the screen).
How can find the block with the name from variable to perform some actions which block contains?

Pass the input variable to FIND TEXT POSITION activity and get the output with a variable of type uielement
—now use ANCHOR BASE activity and use FIND ELEMENT activity in the left side where pass the input of that uielement variable to ELEMENT property (don’t select any element as we are passing uielement variable as input)

And in the right side of ANCHOR BASE activity use CLICK IMAGE activity and choose that button as region of image

Cheers @boadriqa

Thanks a lot for support!
I tried to implement that but get error on Find Text Position activity: Find Text Position ‘DIV repeating element’: The method or operation is not implemented.
I indicated the whole screen on this step. I think maybe the problem is specific HTML code. Maybe some ideas how to repair that?