How to use UIElement in Find text Posiion OCR

Hi Guys

I was wondering if you can help me with using this Find Text Position activity.

This is what I have carried out so far. I have indicated on the screen where I want the robot to read. I have entered in the text that I want it to find which in this case is any occurrence of the word “Name”. I have created an Output variable called outputText.

This creates a UIElement output return. But how do you use this output. Basically I want to check where name exists and use a type into activity to enter the name, next to (same position in the line) the name somewhere in the file.

So for example, the robot found the word Name. Now I want it to write Bobby next to it.

For this, we have anchor activity available @bobby

But the position is important, if the Name is on the left side, and you have to enter on right and if this positions are fixed everytime, it will be easy but if it is going to change everytime, then it would be difficult to do that

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Hi @HareeshMR. The position is not fixed. It is dynamic which is why I am using the find text position. But it returns a UiElement variable which I was not sure about. So I wanted to check that if you were aware of it.