How to Find UI Element based On a Specific Text


I need to find an UI element (Most of the times it is one of H1, H2, span or a div tag ) that contains some text in it. All I have is the text that the UI element contains. Is there way I can retrieve the UI element using this text.

Hey @murali38

As per my understanding you can use Find Element Activity then it will return UIElement that you can pass in Get Attribute activity then you will be able to use even tag,selector and many more informations.


Thanks for looking into this @aksh1yadav. But ‘Find Element’ activity expects target selector or element as an input. In this case, I only have string that the UI element holds. What will be the input for ‘Find Element’ activity in this case.

Hi @murali38,
I think using Text Exists activity can also solve your problem. In the Text input area the text can be mentioned inside double quotes. The activity returns in true and false values.

What about Find Text Position it will also return the selector then you can use Get Attribute activity.


Using Find Text Position is my first trail before posting this question. But my workflow throwing “method or operation not implemented” error. Assuming the string is the only input I need to provide to this activity. Attached the sample flowMain.xaml (7.3 KB)

Hi All,

I want to click on a UI element which has a specific Text value. How to do this?


use "Click Text " action