How to move web page right direction

Hi I am using hot key to scroll web page move right side.there is option pgup,pgdn.What we can use for move page left and right @Palaniyappan

Hi @Aditya10989

You can use this package : UiPath.Core.Activities.SetClippingRegion

there is no option for scroll web page to left direction and right direction.
eg for page up we use pgup
and page down we use pgdn
and what about left and right…?

yes try but not work

Can you please share the screenshot or xaml to investigate further?

yes sure As mention in screen shot marked in circle.

Clipping region will help you to solve this …

other suggestion is you use a tab key(send Hot Key) to move to right text field and do your automation continue working .

Are you facing any issue in this approach?

@Aditya10989 Well, the reason why there are no “page left” or “page right” options in the send hot key activity is that there are no “page left” or “page right” physical keyboard keys. Remember that the send hot key activity is basically keyboard simulation.
So my suggestion would be to either use the “left” or “right” option which will simulate the left and right arrow keys, or you can also use the ctrl+left or ctrl+right send hot key options.
Try it out and see if it will meet your requirements.

u can use send hot key (ctrl-) then minimize page and use web page.

tab will not work I am not inserting value here.because after scroll right side on the top I need to click on close link

i suggested this to Not for inserting/Manupulating the value. You will get focus there and screen will move. then you can use other options to close the page.

you means to I need to click on tab key and I need to select indicate on screen also…?

@Aditya10989 Have you tried to use Click Activity on the Scroll Bar right Button ?