How to scrape data from password protected PDF

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to extract data from a PDF which is password protected and the only way I can access it is using read PDF. The problem with that is, I cant get the data I want as the format changes completely. Is there any other way I can access the data without loosing the format?

Hi @kunalj

Sometime I’m doing below way to get pdf data without collapsing the format.

  1. Open pdf with microsoft word
  2. paste it to Excel
  3. Trim useless space

If you can use those application, try this.

Hi Jumbo,

Actually there are no other permissions for this document. So cant open this is any other application.


Do you mean you can read the pdf without password in UiPath?? It’s very wired…
Actually I cant open your sample pdf so I suppose I cant help it anymore…

Yeah my task is to read the PDF without the password. And sorry I cant share the pdf as it is confidential.

Hi did you know the password to open this document?

@henry_james No we had to access them in the protected mode


open google chrome drag and drop the pdf file and save the file

i am not sure try it once

If you don’t known the password for opening the PDF file then it is not possibile to scrap data from password protected PDF document.

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