How to remove password for protected PDF files

Hi Team,
I have one issue plz try to solve this,

I have some PDF files in some of the PDF have protected how to remove from protection using Uipath.


Its not possible to remove protection. Using start process open pdf file and check whether any pop-up is coming for password. If it is coming then use Element exist activity to indicate that screen and type password else continue with other steps.


You will have to remove it from online sites like,\

you can explore more sites on google


Hi Pankaj,
Thanks for reply, It’s not possible to use unsecured sites because it’s for development.

Hi Lakshman,
Thanks for reply, is there any chance to use .net code ?


One thing, you can do that save password in asset or window credential, read them, while you read pdf then you can supply password.

make sense?



Yes, you can use and by using Invoke Code activity.
Are you using .net code for removing password protection ?

If you want to remove the password and save the pdf file outside of UiPath, then do this:

  1. Open the PDF File in Chrome - using the password of the PDF File
  2. Select Print Option
  3. Under Print Option, save the File as a PDF - give another name

This file will be saved without Password

Else you have use any pdf creater like nitro pdf.but its paid one.but it’s more secure and safe.

Hello Mahesh, I tried the same, but after opening file with chrome, if I send hotkey “Ctrl+P” it open windows print menu

Thanks for this information. It useful

Now you can with the manage PDF Password activity:


Manage PDF Password (

You can even remove password for protected PDF files without uipath,if you still know some infor about the protected password,you’d better use Adobe Software,and PDFCrack also does a good job.

Check this below link, @uday_kumar @satchitshekar

Hope this may help you :slight_smile: