Password protected pdf to open in Form Extractor Manage Templates


I am reading pdf using DocumentUnderstanding:
I used Taxonomy → Digitize Document → Data Extraction Scope → Form Extractor → Manage Templates → When I try to select my Password Protected PDF it does not allow.

What is the solution to read password protected structured PDF files?

Zahid Rahim

Hi @Zahid_Rahim

Check this:


One method would be to use save pdf as image activity which will save the pdf as image and without password and then pass the image to the activity to read and it would work the same way


Hi @Zahid_Rahim

Use Manage PDF Password activity


Check on this document

I hope it helps!!

@Zahid_Rahim best solution would be to use a Manage PDF password to remove the password from a copy of the file, then process the file using DU, then delete the unprotected data.