Excel and PDF password protectivity

Hai everyone,
1. I have excel sheet that is password protected I need to do that excel sheet open
And second if we read range activity also while reading also there is a password protectivity is their how we can acheive this
Because I need to read that data and save it in somewhere
How in excel sheet password & read password also we can acheive in this method

  1. In pdf I need to extract the data there is also password protected is there
    How can I extract the data fro password protection pdf???

  2. Scenario: I have 100 rows of data i need to process that data in 1 hour, what is the possiblity way to achieve this what is the timing management for this???

Do you have the passwords to enter ?

For Password Protected Excel you will get option in Excel Application Scope for Password.

Similarly For PDF

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Hi @siva_sankar

For Password protected excel file, please refer the below video

and for password protected password file, use below one


Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

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Thanks both of you
Now I am getted everything in this concept

I have one clarify in pdf we can acheive also using Manage pdf activity and extract the data right???

Manage PDF Password activity is used to setup new password or Managing password for new PDF file using existing PDF.

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Okay than the right way is extract the data from pdf is using only read pdf text activity
Right now


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