Protected pdf data extraction

Hi everyone! i working on protected pdf files, i need to extract some data inside, the trouble is that i can’t select the text to extract, if i use some activity like extract ocr text some character are changed in the conversion to txt, also i dont have the password to decrypt the file, any help?


Here is not the place to ask help to decrypt the pdf… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

maybe i not explained myself well, i need to extract the info from the protected pdf that are generated in that way by a program, i need to make a datable with some info there but the ocr engines give me back some mistaken characters when i used, for that i ask how to decrypted or how i can do a better info extraction

dont get me wrong but if you say you dont have the password, then you should not ask if there is a way to decrypt the file, at least not in here…

i understand what you meant, sorry for the bad way to ask for a solution, i find a activity in the community that helps me reading the file, so thanks you and the next time i rather ask better and not for something illegal

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