How to schedule job on every 2nd working day of the month

How can a job be scheduled on 2nd working day of the month?

How do you define a working day?

Thank you @bcorrea, Assuming weekday as the working day.

oh ok, i was afraid you wanted like calendar stuff as well like holidays, so you can use cron expressions in advanced schedule of orchestrator, so is safe to assume you want the first tueday of every month? If so would be like this: 0 0 12 ? 1/1 TUE#2 * (or use this site to build more options)

Sorry, not to be clear on my side. Schedule second working day (might be any weekday) of a month excluding weekends. Not on every first Tuesday of the month.

Go to site
play around cron pattern easily you can find and then for skipping tuesday to can filter your result

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Ok, you are right, could be any weekday, so i am afraid you would need more than a single expression to achieve desired result, but i think orchestrator do not give support for a shell script :frowning:

check this component, may help you

GetNthDayOfNthWeek.xaml (8.2 KB)

Check this xaml, it will give you whatever the weekday you needed, here in this scenario it will be your first Tuesday of each month. But we need to ensure thats not a holiday.

Get Next/Previous Working Day

This might help you.

he want to schedule a process in orchestrator not a way to calculate anything inside a process…

I am sorry, my bad. Do you mean something like this?


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Yes thats it :slight_smile:

Hi @jvspaendonk, I am looking similar to that but not the nearest weekday. Looking for second working weekday of the month.

Hi @sarathi125, We have a calendar for this process but we have another process under same tenant running everyday including holidays( excluding weekends) and process 7 days a week. Is there any way we can differentiate calendar at schedule level or environment level?

I think you should use the apply non-working days restrictions in the Orchestrator and the corn expression: 0 0 0 2 * ? *
Let me know if this works?

In the Init state you can check the same calendar and check for the second working day, then proceed.

Hi, I need a trigger for e.g. the third working day of every month. But I had no success in testing your advices. We got Orchestrator 2019.10.15 and I have the option to add a cron expression and to add a Calendar.
How could I solve that an simulate the days when it triggers?

Take a look here:

Hi @bcorrea and thank you. When I use this standard it looks like that

But I don`t want to choose a special day. It should trigger on the third working day every month independent of the day but regarding holidays and weekend.