Schedule process the 10 first weekday of each month


I search a lot the solution but i couldn’t find anything corresponding to my situation.
My question is how we can schedule a process to run the 10 first business day of every month or the 10 last business day of every month.

I try with CRON but apparently we can’t do that.

Thank you for your help in advance

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CRON :- 0 0 12 1/1 10 ? *

You Can build a logic in the process in such a way it checks whether first/Last 10 business days of the month.
If it falls the case proceed the process else exit the flow

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Here is a simple application to generate the Cron expression and you can use that cron in your scheduling.

Thank you for your answer but i think i wasn’t clear enough.

When i say on weekday i wanted to mean without the weekend so only from Monday to Friday
So your Cron expression it’s not working for my needs.

And for your seconds option, i’m currently using a workaround for that, as my process is generating a film every weekday, i’m counting the number of files and when it’s more then 10, it exits the flow.

But i want to know if it’s possible to do it from the Orchestrator.

My Suggestion is check the day along with date in the beginning of the process flow. If condition satisfies , let it process else exit the flow

Have a config of dates and also the number of days to be processed for every month.

Ok Thanks.

So it means that for now we can’t do it through the Orchestrator.
It would be great if something like this would be implemented.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

I recommend this activity to calculate business days. You have to do it in your code and not orchestrator.

maybe you can use two more options so you dont have to add that logic into your process:

  1. Use non-working days custom calendars that you would need to upload manually for every month and use regular schedule as every day
  2. Create an executor process for your main process and put that login in there, if the day is ok, use Start Job activity to start the main process.
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Indeed, your two options are interesting too. Ididn’t though about that ways.
I will see what i will choose.

Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile: