Powerful scheduler

Hi , Adding a powerful scheduler in orchestrator will be a good idea.
For exxample:

  • 2nd working day of every month (Whereby saturday/sunday will be the holidays)
    If I try the cron expression : 0 0 10 2W * ? * , keeping non-working days regulation
    -I will have triggers on 1st day of the month since above expression will choose nearest weekday

*If I try the cron expression : 0 0 10 2 * ? * , keeping non-working days regulation
-My process will be scheduled on every 2nd day of the month and will not execute in a month in which 2nd day falls on saturday/sunday.

So i guess, a new a way to schedule such complex situations can be created, may be by introducing a for loop or while loop coding in scheduler.

Great idea. CRON is very limited when trying to schedule more complex situations such as the one above.

But you do have the custom holidays calendar that you can customize to you needs right? Cron expressions is the most advanced way that i know that supports task scheduling, the only think that would be nice to have to give even more power to the admins is the support for scripts.

We have CRON expression guys:

CRON doesn’t allow the scenario that iluildephonse is referring to.