How to schedule job on every 2nd working day of the month

If in your Test calendar you have all non working days set, then i guess you should just select Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there… I mean with cron expression for the 3rd day of month (something like this 0 0 3 * *).

When I use a cron expression for the third day of month and declare it as a non-working-day , the Orch skips this month. Instead it should add one day and trigger it at e.g. the 4th of August.
Did you really understood me?

But apart from my technical incompetence to solve it, is it basically possible to trigger every 3 work of every month? Banks work like that!

I did understand you, and if this is the case i would say this may be a bug and cron expressions cant be used in this case, maybe you will have to implement the working days check inside a process instead.