Cron Expression for 2nd day of every month

Hi , is there any way by which we can schedule a job in orchestrator which follows below criteria :

  • 2nd working day of every month (Whereby saturday/sunday will be the holidays)

If I try the cron expression : 0 0 10 2W * ? * , keeping non-working days regulation

  • .I will have triggers on 1st day of the month since above expression will choose nearest weekday

If I try the cron expression : 0 0 10 2 * ? * , keeping non-working days regulation ,

  • My process will be scheduled on every 2nd day of the month and will not execute in a month in which 2nd day falls on saturday/sunday.

Anybody got any solutions that can be used in crons or orchestrator ? (not in code)

I’m not sure if it would even be possible to cover that scenario, as the non-working days aren’t part of the cron. They’re part of Orchestrator.

Hi @andrewjames non-working days as in specified Saturday and Sunday.
So ,this can be part of crons.
(For example:0 0 10 2W * ? * (here, 2W- Only considers weekday). But here, the limitation is because, it always go for the nearest weekday.
Eg: Jan 2nd is Saturday -> the cron date willl be scheduled for Jan 1 -which is friday and nearest weekday.

Ah, I assumed you meant things like national holidays on a weekday to be excluded.
Even without that, I can’t see a way to do it with a cron. Cron simply isn’t that powerful.

With it being an infrequent process, would it be impossible to manually schedule it in for the 12 days each year until UiPath improve the scheduling capability?

It may be worth putting in a request for more powerful scheduling tools here:

Yup… i guess , currently no solutions. I will surely add it in ideas… Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: