How to schedule file change trigger activity in orchestrator


I have a basic question,Iam using a workflow with filechange trigger activity at what frequency should i schedule orchestrator for the workflow scheduling it once will be enough so that the robot is on all the time?? my logic is whenever an excel file is changing workflow gets triggered.

Hi Divya,

If you found any solution, please let me know as well. Even I am curious to know behavior. There are multiple factors before scheduling a job. I am not sure if UiPath Job supports spawning, If it supports then you can schedule job even every second however that is not correct option.

If it doesn’t support spawning, best way is to check how long your process run and schedule a job at that interval to avoid conflict.


Hi @pawanbag File change trigger activity should not be used for scheduling it seems,we should use API services to integrate.

Any guidance on this?

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Hi Divya,

i think you can achieve your functionality ty using File Change Trigger and Start Job activity combination. Give me some time, I will test this functionality and confirm you


Hi Divya,

If you use File Change Trigger activity, you don’t have to schedule a job. It will run forever until you cancel it.

Please check attached workflow, just publish this workflow and run the job in orchestrator just once.
It will trigger the job as soon as file modified.
Main.xaml (7.2 KB)

thanks @pawanbag but in that case a bot should be dedicated only for this process alone right??

Yes, It looks like, I tried running 3-4 processes from Orchestrator, Since this is continuously running process, other processes is still in Pending status.

Hi @pawanbag tried an alternate method of placing the same contents of file in DB as a table and fetching records from that so that we will be able to schedule the orchestrator 5 Minutes once.