Disable Job logging in Orchestrator


I’m faced with a process that is triggered when an end-user moves a file into a folder. Currently we have 3 robots and they all check the folder for a new file every 1 min( schedule in Orchestrator). The problem is that they create a lot of unwanted job lines in Orchestrator even if they don’t find a file to process.

  1. Is it possible to remove or make the process not show up as a row under jobs if certain conditions are met?

  2. Is there a better way to handle this type of processes?
    I have a script that makes OS fire an event when a file enters the wanted directory, is it possible to activate a process through the command line/power shell script?
    This would make sure that only the processes that actually needs to perform any actions logs to Orchestrator.

Hi @nilsen,
do these threads give you some useful hints? “File Change Trigger activity monitors changes on a specified file or folder. Can only be used inside a Monitor Events activity.” You could play with “Event” menus - ChangeType gives you such options as “Created”, “Deleted”, “Changed”, “Renamed”, “All”.

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