How to solve file change trigger problem

abc - Copy.xlsx (8.1 KB) (58.4 KB)
Main.xaml (35.5 KB)
I want to extract recently added excel data and display it on the access forme
but in the program; when adding the file it runs infinitely
can you help me to solve this problem???
attached sample excel sheet, access forme and Uipath project


Change the RepeatForever property to false in the Monitor Events Arguments.



Thats really work
But now i cant hold the program to input another excel
When i input one then execute and end process
But i want to continue loop
How to do that ?


Then you need to schedule your process, so whenever there is an update in a file it will be executed.

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Thank you very much :blush:

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file change trigger activity is not working in uipath…wht will be the problem?..and also file watcher acactivity also not working…

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file change trigger activity inside the Monitor Event Capture

can you please give me the steps to schedule the process


Check this link,

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