Run flow again after an hour if failed


I have a quick question.

I have a flow that triggers from Orchestrator every day at 7am, and it check if the folder has files or not, if it has, it will run, and if it doesn’t it will send an email that there is no files.

Now if it doesn’t find any files, I need to run again after an hour to check again if the files are added.

How can I do this through Orchestrator? Like, tell orchestrator, to trigger this process after an hour if it didn’t find any files.

Bonus Question :grinning:
The process is triggered by time (7am daily), is there a way to trigger it when files are added to a certain folder?

Thanks guys


You can use File Change Trigger, dont know if you want a robot to be in use for very long tho…


We can add a delay in the same process along the ELSE part (that is if the file is not there)
Where that delay will be with value 01:00:00
And followed by that we can use START JOB activity with the same process name

The reason why suggested delay is as the bot is any how triggered only once at 7 per day
This delay won’t affect the process unless the same robot is scheduled to run with different process

Cheers @Salem_Ababneh

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Will this require the robot to be busy with it? Because I have other processes to run

My problem with delay that it will make the robot busy for an hour, and the robot has things that should run.

And it is a daily operation, 7 days a week

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Yes, both suggestions here will… what can use an orchestrator Asset as boolean like LastRunFailed, and every time this process runs it will update the value, out an schedule to run every hour instead of only at 7 am, it will check this value very fast and only run if is true…


I like the concept, thanks :grin:


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