Re-scheduling bot after it fails?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to see if its possible to update the Orchestrator Schedule Timing from within UiPath. i.e. when a process fails, I’d like for it to re-try in 2/3 hours by updating the schedule in Orchestrator.

I’m not aware of a Mechanism like this in Orchestrator. But, you can set the job to run every 2-3 hours within a time frame using CRON, then just program your process so it only processes the first time whether that is checking if file(s) were created or other triggers that will identify that the job was already run. - This is a good standard either way, so if a job is accidentally run multiple times.

You can also program the job to wait for a period of time in the code, however, this will take up a robot for that much time.

I hope this helps answer this. I am not aware that the Schedule was updated in 2019 to include a reschedule mechanism, but I could be wrong.