Scheduling a Job on an Attended robot (Front Office)


I have a question about running automatically a process on an Attended robot because, in my company, they bought Attended license.

So, how to schedule a process (job) on an Attended robot?


There are two options available.

  1. Using Uipath Orchestrator
  2. Using Windows Task Scheduler (User should be logged in to that machine)

Let me know if you need more details on any of the above.


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Acually in 2017.1 you cannot Start/Schedule a job on an Attended robot.

You can try with Windows Task Scheduler, but we don’t offer support anymore on that(and from what i remember, when scheduling a task, in order for the Robot to run you need to have an open session; there are several posts here on the forum related to this).


@ovi what do u mean by open session?

It means no locked screen.

how we use windows task for scheduling process in attended robot