How to scale the screen resolution to 125%?

I managed to get my screen resolution to 1920 x 1080 in the Orchestrator, but I also need to get the scaling to 125%, found 1-2 thread that talked about it, without any solution. Anyone know how to do that?

Are you talking about the browser screen @MaxyArthes?

the parameters that you can change on a Windows, to change the scaling of text and applications to a certains %. Not sure if that help to understand?

If it is a browser, then sending the hot key ctrl + + … there will be different short cuts to change the scaling for different applications. try sending those to scale the particular application you are trying to change @MaxyArthes

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I will try it on the problem I got ATM, as its with PDF, but I still need a solution that could be applied at the start, as the screen size resolution that orchestrator offer, as with others processus, that won’t be enought. :frowning:

I have this option in Display properties. However uipath browser plugins doesnt display correctly elements with scale 125% as I remember.

Imo there is no option to change it via Orchestrator and you have to change it manually on robot machine if you need that.

Tried with that, but still no result, I can’t modify the normal display settings scaling, so I had to use a custom scaling level