Configuring Robot Screen Resolution

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I need help with locating the UiPath.settings file. if orchestrator is deployed as a Web App

Our Orchestrator is deployed as a Azure Web App. We need to improve the screen resolution for when we deploy the production robot. I have read through the following:

But I still could not find the solution. I need to find the UiPath.settings file. and I do not know where to find it if the App is installed on Microsoft Azure. Thanks in advanced

In Orchestrator → Edit Robot → Robot Settings Tab


Thanks a lot @badita, you saved my day.

I Can’t run the Bot from orchestrator i configur Robot Screen Resolution like you see in my screen but still not working help me please cc

What is the error?

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no error but the robot not starting

It says that it started, running and finished. Are you logged on on the same machine? Not sure how it will behave in this case. Try a simple “Take Screenshot” workflow and see what happens.

Also, it say here to restart the robot service after changing the settings. UiPath.Settings File Description


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