How to save the data in excel and then send in reply to an email

How can I save the data which i have scraped from website
Now i want to save it in excel or any other application then send reply to an email
Iam working on used case that i will get email and have to serach for flights then scrape the information , Save it in any application (excel) then reply that in the email

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1.Use Get Imap Mail message to read mails.
2. Then use open browser activity to open website.
3.For scrapping use data scraping or get text activity.
4.After that use write range or write cell activity to store data.
5.For mail …use send SMTP mail message activity.


if you are using “Extract structured Data” activity, the result is a DataTable. Use it to input on “Append Range” activity to save data in EXCEL file.


Everything is working properly till scraping
After that i have added excel application scope and write range in it and i have saved a blank file of excel that it can store it in that

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Your data was not properly scrapped…that why you are getting blank sheet.

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I got it right now i was giving the wrong file path
I want to ask that how can i organize the data iam scraping
And reply email with the organized data table

you want to send dt as attachment or send in mail body?

In the email body

And how to make a sorted table for the extracted data ?

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So once after getting the datatable scrapped from web application Hope these steps would help you resolve this
—use EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and pass the file path of excel where we want to write the datatable
—inside the loop use a WRITE RANGE activity and mention the input as datatable obtained from data scrapping and also ensure that ADD HEADERS property is enabled in the property panel of write range activity
—then use SORT DATATABLE ACTIVITY and mention the datatable input and also the sort type we want in the property panel
-the we can use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL activity where mention the filepath of excel as input to ATTACH FILE property as a setting so that it will be sent along the mail

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Saud_Ahmad

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Thanks you very much for helping me.

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Cheers @Saud_Ahmad

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