Hi i want to help from plz see my message

i want table extraction and after that that data should be send through gmail but i dont have excel plz guide me


To extract data from Website you can check here

HI @Shubham_Bidwai

You can use Excel Workbook activities and that dont require ms excel

After extraction use write range that with workbook activities.

then add the written file as attachment in the mail

or if you want to send that datatable directly in body of the mail

Checkout this thread



Check this on how to convert datatable to html table


Hello Subham,

If excel is not installed in your machine you can ise Workbook activities.

Also if you scrap thw data from webpage you will get it as datatable variable. Then you can use Create html activity to add the table to the html content and use send email activity.


yes i fallow the same procedure but actual result is shows all data without header(title)

in first row take the data not taken title(header)

After extracting the table, use output datatable activity and convert datatable to string variable. Then print it in a message box and check whether header is present or not.

If header is not present, the use an excel template with the headers alone, the use Append Range activity to Write your data to that excel. Then use Read Range and use it in the email body.


didnt resolved plz help me