How to mail the scraping data through SMTP

if any one having solution plz let me know and send the flow

thanks in advance

Hello @Shubham_Bidwai

Do you want to send it as email body or as an attachment?

if you want it as email body then you can enable IsBodyHtml and then pass the email body. Can check the below video.


i would like to send attachment with scraping data


this is my last step which creat CSV file and store data i want this data is send through gmail by smpt i dont have outlook cred

Hello @Shubham_Bidwai

Once you scrap the data then it can be written into a csv file. Then in the SMTP activity, use attach file and select the file required.


and after that

Click on attach files and pass the csv file path as argument

Do as below. The file path you can create to a variable and pass it as value to the argument.

@Shubham_Bidwai In filter field ,you have to pass file extension to filter like".xlsx" not datatable variable

Here in save attachment why you have provided the ExtractDataTable?

You need to use Write to CSV activity and then write the Datatable to csv. Then use that file in the Send SMTP mail message activity.


thanks you so much sir
i have one problum like in smtp bady coloum multiline body how is write

i like to write both line

In this case you can create the html cody content and enable IsHtml in the properties.

can check the below video.


Enable this property and pass the html content.



for your valuable time to solve my problum

hi after scrap the data in gmail header not shown i want header what i do