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How to detect that data is saved in a file(example: scraped data) before sending an email?
Please suggest options. Thanks in Advance!!

What file type are you working with?

the most minimal approach could be:
check if datatable has no 0 rows count


It is EXCEL. Which saves the data of Data scrapping.

If it is an excel file, read the range with the path to the excel file you want and check if the data table that is output from that read range activity has data by either looping through it or counting the rows.

If it is a simple text file, just extract the contents of it and check if the string is empty or Nothing.

If you are scraping data and placing it in an excel file, then I would just create a separate work flow for that and return a boolean indicating the data was saved properly.

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Thanks for quick response and resolving my query.

Thanks for the reply. I will surely try this solution Thanks for resolving my query.:innocent:

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You can check whether the data is scrapped as below

As Read Range will output DataTable

So Place a if condition and try as below

YourDatatable.Rows.Count > 0

Hope this helps


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Thank you so much for reply. I will surely try this.

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