Saving multiple PDF files into a folder

Hi everyone, would like to ask how can I save multiple PDF files from a website into a folder? Thanks for the help.

One way is, click on the link, click on download option, copy the file from download folder to target folder.

Hi, thanks for the reply. However i am looking for alternative that can save up to over hundreds of files for example. Is there a solution for this? Thanks

First of all the website should allow you to download so many files at a time, then we can figure out how to do the same in UiPath. Does it allow ?

Is there a function to download all the files?

If the files are hosted in an ftp location, then you can write a workflow to find out the files and download.Otherwise it is difficult. Share the website url.

Lets say i want to extract the pdf files from the Financial results. Thanks

It is possible, but little tedious, there is a uniformity in the pdf url, so you can write a workflow


  1. prompt for starting qtr and ending qtr

  2. Loop (for each qtr)
    2.1 url = “

    2.2 image

    2.3 save pdf

Note : url should be constructed for each iteration

Thanks for the alternative solution. Is it possible to use web scraping to get the URL instead?

I doubt because, web scrapping can only provide you the text visible on the webpage, but not the underlying url.

I see, so the only solution is to loop through the URL 1 by 1?

There may be, but I am not aware of.

if your files are in table structure you can use scraping to extract all URL and then you can loop one by one.

Thanks for the reply. Is the example I sent above in table structure? Or i have to get all URLs in the excel first?
At the same time, i tried scraping the PDFs from the above example but i could not get the complete URL. ie. the website URL is missing(