How to save Generated PDF files

Hey Guys! I’m trying to generate and save reports from people soft. After keying in the employee ID and searching for their records, there is a button to generate a PDF document. This PDF document opens in a new tab in the browser. I would like to save the generated PDF in a particular file destination on my desktop. I’ve tried many different ways but I keep getting this error :

Steps to be taken:

  1. Enter employee ID on PeopleSoft
  2. Search
  3. Employee’s details
  4. Click a button to generate details in PDF
  5. PDF opens in a new tab
  6. Save PDF in a specific file
  7. Close the tab
  8. Move on to the next employee

*I’ve reports for over 300 staff

I’m aware that I can loop the employee ID from a excel file which has it . But I’m having issues with saving of the PDF files.
May I know what I’m doing wrong? Or is there anything wrong with my steps?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you guys!

Hey @Viknes

I am just guessing that "The title will change for every user so remove the “title” attribute from selectors and try it.

This problem is related with selectors. Uipath is not able to identify the passed selectors to the activities so make sure the selectors you are getting and observe their pattern and make them dynamic by using wildcard operator.

Use Ui Explorer to identify the selectors and properties and make changes if required as per your need.


For more better understanding follow these links:

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Hey @aksh1yadav,

Thank you for your suggestion! I will try it out and post you updated!