Selector not working for save as pdf

I am execute directly the application then it works fine but when I am debugging the application then throw the exception as mention in attachment please help me how can I resolve


Just give 1 or 2 sec delay before this click activity.

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Use find element and Hover button activity
wait for ready : complete

already apply delay not work

sorry did not understand

Try like this…

sorry did not understand I am new in ui path can I send you work flow file…?

@GayathriMohan I am using attach window from recording

yah please

but you can’t run the application you don’t have access.Main (2).xaml (53.4 KB)

Hey @Aditya10989

Try with below selectors: -

<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' title='Internet Explorer' />
<wnd aaname='Internet Explorer' cls='DirectUIHWND' />
<wnd aaname='Save as' cls='Button' title='Save &amp;as' />

and let me know.


@lakshman Hi lakshman can you see this Hi as in mention screen shot I am getting date in assign variable sub_Date now I need to create two folder from sub_date one is sub_date i.e year inside this sub_date month for this I am using sub_Date(“yyyy”)+""+sub_date.tostring(“MM”)
how can I got year and month instead of yyyy/mm/


Try like this:


@lakshman yes I already use this I getting yyyy\mm in path not year and date

@lakshman resolved thanks convert sub_date to datetime

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@lakshman Hi I need your help As I mentioned in screen shot I am saving pdf file and close file and class 1 activity I created custom activity for send a mail and after this I am try to delete this excel file but when I try to delete this excel file I am getting error and I already check my excel file not open


It seems like you are deleting file inside Excel Application Scope. If yes then put delete file activity outside of Excel Application Scope and then try.

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resolved thanks…!!

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