Type into and Send hotkey activities - Unable to select the entire text and save the website page as PDF

Dear All,

(Please Note: I have already referred to all the topics on UiPath)

I am unable to select all the text and save the document as PDF using the built in send hotkey or type into activities.

The workflow does not throw any error or exception and I have tried debugging other activities in the workflow which might have caused this problem but could not find any flaws.

Please, can anybody suggest a solution?

Attached here are the Excel and XAML files on this project?

Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Main1.xaml (118.3 KB)

Hi @Tom1989

Please try to take your Open Browser activity outside of the Try-Catch to see what error it is throwing.

The only situation in which the workflow would not throw any error and simply finish is if it fails at one point and the error is not handled (which is the case in your workflow).

Please post the error after you have run the workflow without the Try-Catch (for now).

Hi @loginerror, I am able to select all the text and save the document as PDF now. But I cannot see the PDF in the desired drive after successful task completion.

(I resolved the text selection problem by using typeinto activity without indicating the element inside the browser but I am facing a challenge of discovering the PDF now)

I have posted my problem as a new topic. Please can you refer to it:

Would also appreciate on another challenge which I am facing on the same project - refer to this topic as well: