How to run multiple processes/Sequences with out dependency


I have multiple processes and there is no dependency on each other. I want to execute all processes in single click.
I created a Flowchat.xaml and copied/dragged all the processes to run at once as shown in below figure. but if any one of the processes failed then execution is getting terminated.

As i don’t have any dependencies, is there any way to execute separate processes at once.

Hi @Kothamasu
You may use Parallel activity.
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When i tried Parallel activity, i am getting an error like “Connection to the server was suspended” to some test cases and remaining test case execution are terminating.


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I am not familiar with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
However, the connection may be suspended because of activities running at once.

In this Parallel activity if any one of the test case failed, remaining test cases will also be failed?