Clarify Parallel Activity

I have created two sequence activity inside the parallel activity but the sequence activity is executed one by one instead of Parallel. My requirement is to invoke two activities in parallel. Can you please explain how to achieve this?

hello @subramaniancts can you post image or upload your xaml… it will help us better to understand your issue.

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Have a look here:-


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Hi @Subramaniancts,

we need to use separate workflows and check the isolated property (checked)
also set the condition to true, only then it will execute parallely.

I hope this helps


Hi @subramaniancts,

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Just give one second delay after each activty and try. It works.



Thanks. Its help. In my scenario the first workflow output is the input for 2 and 3rd workflow, so i have to execute first workflow and once it is completed then i can execute the workflow 2 and 3 parallely. Can you please guide me on this?

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Just follow description in my previous post.

The only difference might be that Condition property of the Parallel activity should be set to FALSE to wait until both WF2 and WF3 finish.