Parallel Activity in Uipath

Hi All
Can anyone please explain me how does the parallel activity work.
I want to run tow different T-codes in SAP using parallel activity.
where in one T-Code I see status and adds it to an array and using data in array, second t-code workflow executes.
I want this to happen in parallel.One workflow see status in SAP, and parallel y, second workflow completes the second process.

Is that possible what I am thinking because both the workflows will make use of different SAP Screens.

Let me know your thoughts about it.

The parallel activity runs two different sets of activity at the “same time”. I put that in quotes because it’s not actually simultaneous. However if one activity is waiting on an element to appear, the bot can process the next paralell activity.

Use the activity with caution. You’ll want to ensure that one set of activities is not dependent on the other. Also, if this saves no time in your process, I recommend not using the activity, as it can lead to more complex debugging.

Please refer