Right-click Run Activity Only, Not Rest of Xaml

It would be nice if there was an option to run a single activity or multiple selected activities by right-clicking and selecting running just them. This could also change the Run button, and subsequently the F5 macro as well, to have the options: “Run” or “Run Selected”

Currently, the best that we can do is copying them to a separate sequence or their own xaml file and running them. I have a test xaml where I keep copying snippets to test to make sure that my selectors are right and that elements accept simulate click or window messages, which is pretty tedious. What I’m asking for is reminiscent of R’s ability to run selected code: https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200484448-Editing-and-Executing-Code

In flowchart you can do that like set as start node and run and this can help you to run that activity.

Pavan H

That’s not the same, I’m talking about running one or two activities from within a sequence without having to remove them or deactivate everything else.

Yes that cannot be done in sequence, I agree with you.
Since, sequence is for set of activities and is not recommended to use for large process. it would be fine if sequence doesnot have feature to run only one activity, this is what I feel.

Pavan H

But even for a small process, like inputting information into a few fields and pressing a submit button, this may be useful. Imagine that you’re working on a sequence and one of the fields doesn’t want to work like the others. You’ve entered everything in expecting it all to work but you only want to go back and test a single field. Instead of having to copy and paste that single activity elsewhere or deactivate the other couple of fields and the submit button, just being able to mess with a few settings on the activity and run it where it is by itself would be pretty helpful, at least from my perspective.

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Hi @dmccammond

Similar feature has been already recognized by our product team and will arrive in Studio at some point. I cannot speak just yet in terms of any particular deadline though. They have a lot of cool stuff they have to prioritize :slight_smile:


Hey @loginerror, it appears this one was added in the recent community edition: UiPath 2019.8 Beta is now available!. Could you please close and attribute?