A process with Invoke Workflow is not running

Dear all,

I hope you can help me. I have created an automation that contains different invoke workflows. These workflows just have an in/out argument because it is a webpage, and in all workflows there must be few activities in this website.

So, when I run this process in studio it works perfectly. The problem comes when I publish it at Orchestrator. I publish the Main.xaml and put it as entry point in orchestrator. But it is not running the workflows. All workflows are saved in the same folder as Main.xaml.

In orhcestrator, if I check the published process, there appears all other workflows created in the project.

Do you know why the robot is not running the workflows?



Is there any error you encountered when you running from orchestrator?



Could you please log out from the assistant and log in again!



Well that should not be the case
Pls check once whether the robot type is selected property and machine is connected to orchestrator

If you have any logs along the workflow it would be great if you could share the one you see in orchestrator

Cheers @Angel_Llull

Two questions:

  1. What does Analyze Project error list look like? Great tool to discover hidden errors (like uninitialized arguments).

  2. Are you trying to run the robot on the same workstation you’re developing on? I’m wondering if there are missing resources.

One other thing to look at is local logs (default location: %localappdata%/UiPath/Logs). Execution and UiPath.Studio are where I’d start.

Hello all,

I have found that from Orchestrator, when robot runs the process, in the first workflow, robot has to loggin into a website. It works correctly. This sequence is insdie a try catch with a system.exception and a variable called ErrorLogIn. So, this variable is created as out argument to drive it to the main workflow.

It is working, but it stops the process because this argument is activated, when no error occurrs.

Do you know why is this happening?

DescargarFacturasMB.zip (407.7 KB)

I am using the main.xaml


I’ve identified several suggestions in order of importance. #1 might solve your immediate problem, but I recommend addressing least to 2 and 3 as soon as possible.

  1. I notice the Workflow File Name is hard-coded to V:\… I think this might be the problem. I recommend using relative addressing. Since MoverArchivos.xaml is in the default run folder, all you need there is the name (or browse). File reference in the project should be relative to the project folder.

  2. Validate Project shows 3 empty catch blocks (Error). Please add at least a log message in the catch to avoid suppressing error messages. This could be helpful in debugging.

  3. Validate Project Warnings list identifies some very deep nesting. I’ve gotten away with more than the recommended level of 7, but others have reported failures when nesting gets very deep. MoverArchivos gets as deep as 18. Please consider reducing this nesting. Moving them to separate workflow is a good way to address this. This might be a good time to add folders within the project, for visual logical separation.

  4. Be more unique in activity names. This is not causing a problem at runtime, but unique names can help you in debugging.