Execute multiple process one after other using one Robot


I have 6-7 process which needs to be executed one after the other. All these process are complex with big workflows and lots of variable used. I need to execute these process one after the other using single Robot.

Please suggest how can I achieve this. Does it needs to be in single RE Framework or can we have multiple RE Framework for each process.

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Hi @mohammedamaan

You can easily use a controller workflow to achieve this. The controller will have a list of processes that you need to execute and it will take care of it so that you don’t need to run them one by one.

I have also developed a custom template which is published in Go! which performs the same thing :slight_smile:

You can easily use it for your scenario as well…


Let know whether this helps :slight_smile:


Hi @mohammedamaan.

I was once in your situation.
If the processes are deployed in Orchestrator, you can use @Lahiru.Fernando’s component:

However, if it is not, what you can do is create a batch file for each process that will trigger the process.
After doing that, create a batch file that will trigger those batch files sequentially. :slight_smile:


Or alternatively you can consider using Orchestrator API to trigger from within your workflow with Orchestrator HTTP Request activity if you have built some software previously. This approach requires building a proper json payload and calling API etc. Maybe one of the toughest options but once it is developed it runs smoothly…

Here are some usefull links

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Hi @mohammedamaan

I think an orchestration feature will arrive in the next version :slight_smile:


Thank you all for the response. I’ll try the solution and will update how it’s working

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Hi Loginerror

Maybe I’m overseeing something, but I don’t see this feature in the orchestrator yet? or am I missing something?

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Hi @Michaeljep

It is already available, see here:


I have only looked at it briefly, but it seems to be a lot of work that could have been done much much easier. But I’ll have a closer look during the week.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi, I create a bat for echa process.
Then i create a bat that start /w (each bat)
But only executes first bat

I was able to create a master .bat with the code below that calls other .bats that trigger reframework processes individually:

cd “\directory\bat1”
call bat1.bat
cd “\directory\bat2”
call bat2.bat
cd “\directory\bat3”
call bat3.bat

Being bat1, bat2 and bat3 each of the individual .bats. It worked out!