How to run a robot when windows session is locked

Hi, I have some issues with my unattended robot. I scheduele the robot to work every morning, I’m using an azure vm. But it says: Use Application: “app.exe”: Cannot bring the target application in foreground because the Windows session is locked. I know that the unattended robot should work even with session locked but it seems it’s not. Any help is welcomed!

When we do UI Automation in Remote servers or Locked screens we need to make sure that we have following things checked:-

  1. We need to check that we have used Send Window message property
  2. or we have used Simulate type/click activity, the above 2 are mandatory you have to use one of them.
  3. Not mandatory but for better results use Wait for Ready to Interactive under Target tab.
    Try these and let me know if this work.

Vineet Joshi

Hello @gcortez

Can you please confirm whether you have installed the robot in the service mode? If yes, it can log in to the machine and lock during the execution.

Hello @gcortez

Please refer to the below thread

I checked that answers but the thing is that we have schedule the bot, and also we have the right license. It seems that is a UiPath issue with azure, but we are waiting for UiPath to answer our email to get a solution. (Sorry if I have some typos, English it’s not my first language)

Yes, I’m using the simulate type/click, the send window message, and the right license. Also I use the wait for ready a lot but the issue still there. Some partners told us that it can be some issues of UiPath, we are waiting for them to answer our email to get some help.