Record right click and then sub menu selection

I have seen this question asked previously but not really answered. I need to record a right-click event on a UI and then select an option from the subsequent sub menu. Can someone please help?

just add the activity manually and change the behaviour of the click


I did look a this but I need to be able to record a particular menu selection from the subsequent context menu. With the manual option, I don’t have access to be able to record the context menu selection as the context menu is not displayed.

You can add the activity manually and then do the actual right click, press F2 and then use the Uiexplorer to get the selector for the context menu.


I must be missing something here. None of these clicks, manual or recorded, bring up the context menu allowing me to record the selection?

Ahhhh, I’ve got it! Thanks for your help gentlemen.

Happy to help.

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