Unable to resume the process after completing actions in orchestrator

Bot is unable to resume the process after completing actions. please help me


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Can you provide more info regarding your issue?

It’s better to provide some sample screenshots the issue for better understanding


we are using action center to process invoices using document understanding process. After processing invoices in action center Bot is not resuming to move further

Hi @akgupta,

Can you please share where are you triggering your process from?

Please note:

  1. If you are running your process directly from studio , it won’t resume automatically after action completion. You would have to resume manually from studio after action is completed.

  2. When you run from orchestrator, it will resume automatically post action completion.

Please share screenshot of your workflow as well.
What all action center activities have you used?

Which version of studio you are on?


Hi @akgupta!

I’m having a similar issue as the one described above. I followed this tutorial: UiPath Action Center Usage Demo - YouTube
Everything works fine when I run the process directly from Studio. However, when I try to launch the process from Assistant, it does not resume when the action is completed in Automation Cloud. The process is not able to resume in this mode.

I already tried to run the process directly from orchestator but…
I am not able to launch the process from orchestator because it says the following: " Couldn’t find any user with unattended robot permissions in the current folder". When I publish my automation project from Studio to Orchestator, it shows that the execution type of this process is “Unattended”. Is there a way I can launch the process as attended mode?

Thank you!!

Hi @Juan_Valdivieso1,

Which version of studio /orchestrator / action center are you on?

Till now, it was not possible to run action center process using attended bot(using uipath assistant). This process was only meant to be used from orchestrator in an unattended mode.
However, you could still do validations as a developer directly running from studio but that’s not what attended bot would do.

Just recently, UiPath has announced this feature availability in 2021.10 stable release version.
This means now it would be possible to run action center processes even from assistant in an attended mode :slight_smile:

Refer below link for details:

UiPath Action Center


Release date: 25 October 2021 October is the harvest season for many of UiPath products, including Action Center.Shuffle through the harvest basket to discover the latest functionality, such as multiple forms completion, enhanced accessibility…


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Dear @sonaliaggarwal47

Thank you for your answer!
Actually I am using version 2021.10.3


For Automation Cloud it says version 21.11.1

Is there a way to choose in which mode (attended or unattended) a process can be upload?



Hi @Juan_Valdivieso1,

Point to note here is that this action center process would be a mix of attended and unattended working as per release notes.

Process would work in attended mode until action is created. Once action is created, from there unattended mode would come into play.

Can you please share why are you looking to have action center process as an attended process?

Because if your requirement is that user should be able to validate the information in action then and there itself while process ran, that can be achieved by excluding action center and just have validation station open in front of the user when process is running.

Action centre’s main purpose is to support unattended processes which also requires human intervention on the go.



I am looking for a process that can be validated through action center, just like the youtube tutorial I commented above.

So the main user enters a request that is going to be accepted or declined by another key person in Action Center. That is why I am working with attended mode, because the user (the one that is performing the request) is running the procces when needed.

Is this approach possible? Or Action Center purpose does not include this type of scenarios?

Im just trying to build a quick demo of the Action Center platform and uses. Maybe do you have another idea or resources in mind?

Thank you!

Hi @Juan_Valdivieso1 ,

As the purpose is to run the process as and when needed by user, this can be even done for unattended processes. Users just have to kick start the process whenever required.

Also, as different users are involved in this, so yes action center would be the right way to handle this.

Also just for your information, you can even download solutions that are available in action center training on UiPath academy and use those for demos.

Hope this clarifies all your doubts :slight_smile:


Am running the Document extraction process from Uipath assistant and the Job is still in Resumed State after completing the action center task.
Please suggest.

thank you

Is this problem resolved? I have been facing similar issue. Reason why I am using action center instead of using default validation station is to utilize bot licenses more efficiently.

Edit: found explanation in following thread