How to resolve "This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly"

I experienced this error 2-3 times in last 3 days. Not sure what’s going wrong.
I wanted to know, how to resolve this issue?
Now, i forgot what logic/activities exactly i had used into the sequence.

As remember, I had added uipath.PDF.activities package and used few related activities into a sequence.
Now, Complete sequence is showing with this error.

In my activities pane, i could see PDF activities, Also there is no error in Project pane.

Is there any way to resolve and get workflow back?

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@gopal_1981 - This generally happened when UiPath not able to find the package which contains that activity in this case you need to download that package from Manage Packages then this will work like charm.


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I uninstalled PDF.Activities, System.Activities, UiAutomation.Activities packages and installed them again.
But, I don’t see any difference.
This was test workflow.
If it happens in real project, not sure how to handle this.

Hi @gopal_1981

Is uipath.core.activities installed
And then try to open uipath studio

when your workflow has been created in older version of UiPath and trying to open in new version in which couple of activities has been merged or removed you will get this issue.

You have to figured out what that activity and check is that activity is available if not use alternative to that.

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you can check output panel,there you are able to which package is missing you can install from manage packages!

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Thank all of you guys for your reply.
Just FYI, this workflow has been built up in the same uipath version which currently i have.
Seems Regular activities are missing like AnchorBase, GetFullText, attachWindows, GetValues, WaitImageAppear etc…

Might be problem is that Core.Activities. I don’t see it as installed; also i am unable to find it into Manage Packages. Please see below snapshot.
Also, i wondered that, there should be ‘Official’ option in Manage Package screen just below ‘Local’ option. I could not see that as well.

I restarted my machine couple of times.
Is this known issue to you guys?.. what do you think?.. whether Uipath got corrupted on my machine or it can be resolved without re-install ? or do i need to re-install uipath?


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Just FYI, I re-installed UiPath Studio; still same issue. :frowning:

Is there anybody from UiPath team can help into this?

Also, When i created new workflow (process), i could not find some activities like mentioned above…AnchorBase, GetFullText, attachWindows, GetValues, WaitImageAppear etc…

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