Missing dependency in download folder

Hi guys
I am facing missing activities error in download folder when i download some workflow from internet it saved in download folder but when i open it,its showing missing activity after that i copy workflow and paste it in my uipath folder it working fine how could i resolve this issue

Please update the packages in manage packages section. see if it works

it that way its work but i need to know how could i attached download folder path in uipath so that when i made download any workflow that will not ask for package how it possible ?

you need to add some dependencies in download folder …so when ever u open the workflow from download folder it will not miss any activity
step1: Go to any existing code in our uipath folder…
step2: Take the root path of the exisiting code and add “.local” to that …i will look like “roothpath.local” …search with this path …copy all the files in this path and paste it to downloads folder.
step3:Now if u open any workflow from downloads it wont miss any package

try this

corrected path:“rootfolder”+backslash"+.local
something like below