How To Rename An Existing Folder using text file in uipath

How To Rename An Existing Folder

My Requirement is there is a Text file in that text file there is a Package name “”

and also I m having two folders one is names as a user and another folder names as developer

now I need to pick android from a text file and I need to replace it with a folder which is named as user & similarly studio with developer

how to do this process in uipath plz help me

@Ajit_Chowdary - please share the sample of your text file.

Hi @Ajit_Chowdary

Maybe this video could help you:

@Ajit_Chowdary - Here you go…

  1. Red Tex file and save the output as “StrInput”

  2. Assign Statements.

      StrAndroid = StrInput.Split("."c)(1)
      StrDev = StrInput.Split("."c)(2)
  3. Invoke code…


invoke Code Arguments

My Input

My output

Hope this helps…

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thank You Sir I will Check it Can u plz share me main.xaml file

@Ajit_Chowdary - Please give it a try based on the screenshot shared…if you face any errors let us know…

in this way, your learning will be faster…

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I followed same steps but I’m getting this error

@Ajit_Chowdary - show us the screenshot of your workflow…


@Ajit_Chowdary - you did not create the output variable in the read text activity. Please read my post again.

If you need additional training please go through UiPath academy courses.

@Ajit_Chowdary - Yes…working on it…

@Ajit_Chowdary - Directory_Rename.xaml (5.6 KB)

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Thank You So Much Sir It’s Working now

@Ajit_Chowdary - Great. Once you are done with your testing, please mark my post as solution as it benefits others.

Yes I have already done it sir thank you so much for your support


Please check the post on how to mark the post as solution…

Done Sir … Thank You and I’m having one more issue sir … I want to copy images … in text file I’m having images path through that path I want to copy images and replace it into another folder how to do that process sir can you please help me

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